Reading Update #1 – English Version

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My reading update of this last months !


– The Graces by Laure Eve –
Good reads, it is a bit less magical that the sum up suggest. It is a story of integration, friendship, love. Our hero have to find her own way, she must find who she is and who she wants to be.
Nice, the last hundred pages finished on a huge suspens so i will read the next books.

 – Throne of Glass, The Crown of midnight #2 by Sarah J. Maas –
Celeana is now the King’s assassin, it’s during one of her mission that she discovered a movement of revolution against the King of Adarlan notorious King conqueror. Then some magic seems to still alive in this strange castle where a magical past is hide. A magnificent read again, suspens, love, magic, mysterious past.
Love it.


– Throne of Glass, Heir fo Fire #3 by Sarah J. Maas –
The true identity of Celeana have been discovered, she has been send far away to be near of the Faes for her protection, but a second mission more important face her !

 – Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi –
In a world the most colorful, where the colors are synonymous of magic live Sophie, She’s colorless, all white.
Each years each 12 years old children have to show their own powers and then her father disappeared.. A beautiful initiatory trip, where she will show that instead of her difference she can make it and maybe better.
And a place, where everything is different, a whole new world. What this world is ?

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